Booking terms

I. Reservation provisions Online
Reservation in using reservation system is performed as follows:
1.Customer has an opportunity in choosing offered packages and standard lodging for the night which are presented in reservation table.
2.Customer familiarized with the content and price of the Package can choose the time for the chosen room and additional conditions or package.
3.Customer chosen an offer forwards to the next step – form where he indicates his personal data and remarks for the reservation.
4.Customer filled the data can perform the advance payment by one of the following ways:
* credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, Polcard);
* electronic bank transfer (mTransfer (mbank), Płacę z Inteligo (Inteligo bank), MultiTransfer (multibank), Przelew24 (Bank Zochodni WBK));
* standard bank transfer

4a. Customer chosen one of two first opportunities is forwarded into the page where the payment can be performed by using Dotpay system. Data authorization is initiated when it is connected to Dotpay system with the help of 128-bit encryption protocol. When system accepts payment Customer is informed automatically by e-mail which confirms the payment and reservation. E-mail message will indicate: customer data, the name of the hotel, total price of lodging for the night, the amount of advance and amount which will be needed to pay at hotel. Customer pays the outstanding amount of the lodging for the night at hotel.
E-mail message which confirms the reservation must be presented at hotel as the evidence of advance payment and the count of outstanding amount.
4b. If Customer chooses the third method (payment by bank transfer or later), he will get the confirmation on initial reservation by e-mail which will be confirmed after the advance payment by standard bank transfer or internet system. Reservation is considered as initial 48 hours after it ordering and it can be removed if the advance payment is not got. Customer gets e-mail message on the confirmation of reservation which must be presented to hotel administrator for the final payment.
Ia. Reservation on query
If there is no free room when making order online, room can be offered to the Customer on query. Customer filled form gets the time confirmation (or its absence) and information on the performance of advance payment by e-mail. Customer can perform advance payment by credit card, electronic or standard bank transfer. Reservation will be confirmed when the advance payment is got. Customer performed advance payment will get e-mail message on confirmation of the reservation which must be presented at the moment of arrival to the hotel for the final payment.

II. Customer performs the advance payment indicated of one of three ways used in system and outstanding part is paid when he arrives to hotel.
2. Customer does not perform any payments in relation with the execution of transaction.
5. When the reservation is removed no less than10 days is left since the intended arrival, the payment must not be performed. Hotel must return the overall advance within the 10 days time.
4. When the reservation is removed less than 10 days is left since the intended arrival, advance remains for the hotel.

III. Final provisions
1. Customer must indicate the date in reservation form correctly. Hotel is not responsible neither for the arrival or departure period chosen incorrectly nor false data indicated by the Customer.
2., electronic payment system, is responsible for the service of money taken for the reservation.
3. Hotel or company which provides services is not responsible for the unavailability caused not for their fault or other difficulties which are not in the competence of them.

IV. Personal data
Person who reserves package at the hotel agrees his personal data will access database. These data will be used for the final execution of reservation procedure and marketing purposes following the conditions of the contract on the protection of personal data, 28th of September, 1997.
V. Customer marked “I am familiar with provisions” submits he has understood the conditions provided in the provisions and agrees with them.